Department of Shalya Tantra

Department of Shalya Tantra (surgery) is one of the clinical departments that teach and train the students of final B.A.M.S. course about the basics of surgery and para-surgical aspects given in Ayurveda as well as modern concepts at their level. The main focus of study is to get aware the students regarding the fundamental of surgical diseases, various disability and deformity, trauma, fractures, congenital and acquired illnesses etc.




Sr. No. Full Name Designation Teacher Code Total Experience Email Address
1 DR. KULKARNI VEENA JIVANRAO Professor AYST01084 22 Y 5 M 9 D
2 DR. GINDEWAR AJAY KESHAVRAO Associate Professor AYST00998 5 Y 6 M 18 D
3 DR. ASHWINI ROHIT NARNAWARE Assistant Professor TCRA000056430 0 Y 1 M 23 D