From Principal’s Desk:

It gives me great pleasure to share information about our college. It is one of the oldest and best Ayurveda medical colleges for ayurveda in central India, and it offers medical training for undergraduate BAMS students while upholding high moral and ethical standards. The college and hospital facilities are described in the documentation and images provided here. Additionally, we run a number of medical camps. Every year, we hold a training on teaching methodologies to keep teachers' knowledge current and relevant to their requirements now and in the future. Our primary goals are to give students a valuable education and promptly assist patients. Our feeble endeavor will be to transform this college into a temple of knowledge committed to creative thinking, effective knowledge application, and sustainable Ayurvedic growth in future.

Jupiter Ayurved Medical College and Tarini Ayurved hospital, this institute is flourishing since 2001. In these two decades the institute has developed and is trying to develop more very consistently. We in Jupiter Ayurvedic Medical College, impart the Shastra based education with all the concurrent modern knowledge. So, that a student who comes out of this institution is equipped with the pure knowledge and skill of Ayurveda and will be an efficient physician who can diagnose a disease precisely and plan the treatment protocols based on Ayurvedic principles and there by accomplish the aims of Ayurveda viz., “Maintaining the Health of the Healthy and Curing the Ailment of the Ailing”. “Let us learn Ayurveda as ancient as ever and brand Ayurveda as modern as never.”

The website had produced the ideal environment for learning, research, and contributing to the general well-being of society. We have tried to provide 360o aerial view for our college and hospital to the stakeholders.


My Goals for the Institute:

  • To provide training to the students in the fundamental principles and practices of Ayurveda
  • To provide training to the students in disease management
  • To encourage innovation skills and promote students for various research activities.
  • To create wide range of awareness about Ayurveda being the leading system of Health Care in India.
  • Providing platforms for achieving personal as well as professional goals of students and the faculty.
  • To explore the potency of old knowledge with the help of modern techniques and advancements.
  • To propagate Ayurveda as the main stream Health Care System in Public health domain.
  • To provide clinical training necessary to become successful practitioners of Ayurveda.


In addition to academics and clinical activities, we place an emphasis on students' overall development. We urge them to take part in numerous cultural activities like Ganesh Festival , Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, Ayurveda Day, Yoga day etc., sporting events, debates, elocution contests, etc. Looking forward to improving humanity by producing moral individuals, the best medical professionals, and helping those in need.

I would like to  great thanks the Management, thank for giving me this opportunity  as Head of Institution of this College, I also thanks to all my Colleagues, Doctors, Para medical staff, Non-Teaching Staffs and all my students for giving helping hand in the development of this website.


I appreciate the effort taken during designing  of this beautiful website by Dr. Shrikant Hadole.