Department of Ras Shastra




Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics deals mainly with the drugs of herbal and mineral origin, their varieties, characteristics, processing techniques, properties and their therapeutic uses along with the descriptions of various apparatus, different kinds of furnaces, heating devices and heating schedules.
The pharmaceutical procedure of any drug involve various steps starting from identification and collection of authentic raw material, application of standardized processing techniques and production of quality drug to packing and storage of produced drugs.(eg.churna, vati, gugglu kalpa, siddha tail, ghruta, avaleha.)



Sr. No. Full Name Designation Teacher Code Total Experience Email Address
1 DR.SONAM RAJKUMAR CHHATTANI Associate Professor AYRB01106 6 Y 7 M 12 D
2 DR. GHARATKAR SHITAL SHALIGRAM Assistant Professor AYRB01297 2 Y 5 M 19 D